It’s snowing at Southbank! Snow4Kids 2018

Snow4Kids snowball fight

There obviously isn’t much opportunity to see snow in the sunshine state. So when we heard Snow4Kids was coming to Brisbane for the school holidays we didn’t waste any time booking our tickets online!

We headed to the Southbank Piazza on Sunday afternoon, all rugged up and ready to play. Alden had some company with his cousins joining the fun. As we arrived we headed straight over to a huge pile of snow – there were props and spades and tools for making snowballs. The children got straight to work building snowmen.

Snow4Kids building snowmen

Next we were ready for some tobogganing! There were two sets of toboggan runs – suiting kids of all ages. Alden and I chose the smaller run and grabbed our sled, making our way up the hill. There was barely any wait time – and the staff made sure everyone took their turn safely to ensure there were no collisions.

Off we went down the hill! It was a big hit with Alden who was sure to prompt me to go again – stating “one more” every time we arrived at the bottom of the run. Luckily his cousin Lily took over my tobogganing duties after a while and off they went up and down the slopes many more times.

Snow4kids Tabogganing

Next on the agenda was snowball throwing. Children had the opportunity to aim their icy weapons at inflated snowmen! This was evidently lots of fun as they ran back and forth between the pile of snow, filling their buckets with snowballs to pelt towards poor unarmed Frosty.

Snow4kids snowball fight

At the back of the piazza there are seats to relax and watch the action from while you enjoy a hot chocolate (as if there is any time for that Mums and Dads!).

Our fifty minute allocated session was up before we knew it. As a parent it was just the right amount of time – there was ample opportunity for the kids to try all the activities, and plenty to keep them entertained for the entire session.

We had a wonderful time at Snow4Kids! If you have a chance to make a session this winter we recommend you check it out! You can book online here – 

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