Pure Tennis Ferny Hills – a cafe for the kids

A cafe set underneath the trees, surrounded by landscaped gardens, jam-packed full of toys and activities for the kids. It sounds like the kind of venue parents search high and low for. And it exists in the form of Pure Tennis Ferny Hills cafe.

Nestled in bushland off Samford Road, this is an oasis for local mother’s groups meeting for their morning coffee. And it has become a regular destination for us after we were so impressed by its family-friendly atmosphere.

Pure Tennis Ferny Hills cafe

For the kids…

At Pure Tennis, it is all about the kids which means Mum and Dad can sit back and relax. No need to bring toys or worry about entertaining the children while your coffee goes cold – the whole place is designed to keep your little ones busy.

Pure Tennis Ferny Hills has it all – a playroom filled with toys, cubby houses, tenpin bowling, arcade-style basketball hoop, outdoor tents and rugs for picnics, a tennis court filled with push cars.

Little man loves it here – he has his favourite toys and we’ve created a bit of a routine. First stop is always the cubby houses where he entertains himself popping in and out while we enjoy our (hot!) coffee. Then one of us will head to the playroom with him where he experiments in the toy kitchen. Before we leave we always take him to have a go on the push cars.Pure Tennis Ferny Hills cubby house

Food and Drink…

The food and drinks are simple and affordable – think coffee for the adults, milkshakes for the kids, toasties and muffins for snacks. A table next to the counter provides water and plastic cups for convenience. The outdoor setting means you don’t have to feel guilty when your toddler spills their drink and crumbs all over the floor.

I think my favourite part about¬†this Ferny Hills cafe is that you can indulge in a coffee break while your child enjoys the outdoors. They can run around in the fresh air and aren’t constrained to a highchair. This is something that is hard to find in a cafe – and it is what makes Pure Tennis a stand out venue for us.Pure Tennis Ferny Hills cafe food and drink

Good to Know…

Pure Tennis is generally open from 9 am – 12.00 pm each morning. We suggest you check their Facebook page for up to date operating hours, as this can change depending on holidays and weather.

The club will often run short ‘try out’ tennis sessions for the kids which is lots of fun to watch!

There is only very limited seating undercover which means it isn’t really practical if it’s a rainy day.


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