Bunya Crossing Reserve

Bunya Crossing Reserve boy overlooking the water

Bunya Crossing Reserve is a natural sanctuary hidden away in Brisbane’s northern suburbs. A swimming hole surrounded by bushland – it offers families great outdoor fun including swimming, fishing, bush walks and wildlife.

It’s hard to believe this is all located just 25 minutes from the city!

Bunya Swimming Hole

Bunya Crossing Reserve is one of very few natural swimming holes in the Brisbane region. The reserve is located at the junction of Bergin Creek and South Pine River and provides calm waters for swimming and other water activities.

It has a graded entrance to the water which means it is suitable for younger children who can splash around the waters edge. Older kids can head out a little further for a paddle and swim.

Water activities are allowed – bring your canoe, kayak and paddle board along.

Bunya Crossing Reserve swimming hole

Bunya Crossing Fishing

Fishing is allowed at Bunya Crossing Reserve so come along with your rod and cast a line. This is such a fun activity with kids and you don’t require a permit at this particular location.

Fish located in the reserve include:

  • bream
  • trevally
  • cod
  • jew
  • catfish
  • jacks
Tree and rope swing overhanging water

Bunya Crossing Walks

There are several walking trails which depart from the Dugandon Road entrance. They all provide an opportunity to bask in the surrounding bushland and spot insects and wildlife.

If visiting with children I recommend taking the walking tracks to the Kumbartcho Sanctuary and Sargent Reserve as these destinations provide playgrounds and other fun features.

Boy and son overlooking the water at Bunya Crossing Reserve

Bunya Crossing Walk to Kumbartcho Sanctuary

This will be a favourite for young children as it leads all the way to the Kumbartcho Sanctuary Fairy Garden. Check out my blog post for everything that this exciting facility offers.

  • 2.6 km return
  • Easy grade
  • Enjoy the Kumbartcho fairy garden and playground at the other end
Kumbartcho Sanctuary Fairy Garden - boy playing with toy cars on play racing track

Bunya Crossing to Sargent Reserve

This is a great little walk which is a little shorter in distance and brings you to a playground when you arrive.

  • 1.7 km return
  • Easy grade
  • Sargent Reserve includes a small playground suitable for toddlers, a barbecue and covered picnic table and dog park


The best thing about walking through Bunya is encouraging children to spot the wildlife that abounds here. There are many insects, birds, ducks, fish, turtles and bush turkeys to spot during the day.

We saw a large bird fly overhead with a fish in it’s mouth – much to the delight of our son! This is a special place to teach children about our native wildlife and the importance of looking after them.

Boy on dad's shoulders looking into a large hole in the tree near Bunya Crossing reserve picnic area

Bunya Crossing Toilets

Toilet amenities are located to the right of the pathway when you are walking from Dugandan Road entrance to the reserve.

Barbecues and Picnic Tables

There is a gas barbecue and picnic table located at the Bunya Crossing Reserve (Dugandan Road end). Please note this is not a large picnic ground so space is limited.

There are also barbecue and picnic tables located at the end of walking tracks in this area – for example at both the Kumbartcho Sanctuary and Sargent Reserve.

Bunya Reserve – are dogs allowed?

Yes – dogs are allowed on leash at Bunya Crossing including in the water for a swim!

It is really important to look after the local waterways and wildlife – so if you do bring your furry friend for a swim, keep them on a lead at all times, bring a plastic bag and pick up after them.

Bunya Reserve Parking

For the closest parking to the swimming reserve, park on the street at the end of Dugandan Road.

If you’d like to start your walk at the other end of the walking trails you could park off-street at the Kumartcho Sanctuary or Sargent Reserve. This may also be a good option during popular visiting hours such as weekends on the warmer months.

What to Bring

We recommend you bring the following to Bunya Reserve Crossing:

  • sun protection including hats, shirts with sleeves and sunscreen
  • mosquito repellant
  • comfortable walking shoes
  • fishing gear
  • canoes, kayaks, paddle boards
  • a picnic
  • dogs – on a lead.

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