Navigating adventure

who we are

I’m Stephanie from Brisbane Australia and this is my blog – Navigating Adventure.

We are a family of six. My husband and I live in Brisbane with our three year old son, and my three grown up step children live in Darwin, Northern Territory. 

After having our son, I found a completely new love for adventure and travel. Becoming a mother inspired me to seek out new experiences, explore in nature and live an active life. With both my husband and I working full time we fit our adventures around our weekends and annual leave.

Navigating Adventure family photo

why adventure with kids?

Parenting involves so much navigating – popping down the shops or getting out of the house in the morning is no easy feat – let alone executing the perfect holiday, or trying to drag the kids on a bushwalk.

But we make the effort to navigate adventure with our son for the following benefits:

Taking time out from work, and our busy schedules to be together;

Creating opportunities for bonding and memories to talk about for years to come;

Experiencing new places and activities instead of viewing life through a screen;

Learning about history, cultures, ourselves and each other; are just a few.

Our family is passionate about making the most of our time together and raising our children to have adventurous spirits. That’s what inspires us, and probably what has also brought you to this site. 

accessible adventure

The meaning of adventure is different to everyone. Adventure doesn’t have to be a 14 day trek in a remote region, or a luxury holiday across the globe. 

For us, adventure means trying new things, getting outdoors, going on walks, finding a new playground or water park, travelling to new places (sometimes in comfort and sometimes on a tight budget), and occassionally putting ourselves outside of our comfort zone.

The beauty of children is that everything is new to them – meaning adventure can be as simple as a walk through bushland or a trip to the park!

Navigating Adventure covers everything from Brisbane activities, day trips and short breaks in the south east Queensland and Australia, to holidays further afield.

We hope you enjoy reading about the places we go and that we can offer some inspiration along the way.

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