Navigating Adventure - About Us

I’m Stephanie and I’m from Brisbane Qld – this is my blog – Navigating Adventure.

Travel and leisure certainly take on a different meaning when kids come along. It usually means the end to relaxing holidays, drinking cocktails by the pool while you look forward to your next massage.

But rather than just give up on our pursuit of travel altogether we have decided to change our perspective of fun and embrace the idea of adventure with children!

Those of us with little kids know how much ‘navigating’ parenthood involves. Just popping down to the shops or getting out of the house in the morning is no easy feat – let alone executing the perfect holiday.

But that shouldn’t make us hesitant to explore with our children. In fact, the benefits of travelling as a family are immeasurable.

Taking time out from work, and our busy schedules to be together;

Creating opportunities for bonding and memories to talk about for years to come;

Experiencing new places and activities instead of viewing life through a screen;

Learning about history, cultures, ourselves and each other; are just a few.

Our family is passionate about making the most of our time together and raising our children to have adventurous spirits. This blog is an opportunity to share our experiences and inspire others to explore the world around them – near and far.

Accessible Adventure

Like most families, our budget for entertainment and travel isn’t exhaustive. We’re always looking for things to do that don’t break the bank. Therefore, many of the experiences that we share will be free or inexpensive. Our blog is all about accessible adventures for families. Adventure doesn’t have to be a 14-day trek in a remote region. The beauty of children is that everything is new to them – meaning adventure can be as simple as a walk through bushland or a trip to the park!

We will cover everything from local cafes and playgrounds, day trips and short breaks in the Great South East, to holidays further afield. We hope you enjoy reading about the places we go and that we can offer you some inspiration along the way.

If you like our site (or have some suggestions) please drop us a line! We’d love to connect with other families or receive your feedback on our blog.

Email me at stephanie@navigatingadventure.com

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A little bit about us…

We are a family of six. My husband and I live in Brisbane with our little man who is 2 years old and the big kids live in Darwin NT.

We recently relocated from Darwin to Brisbane and are enjoying exploring this part of Australia – so a great deal of our blog will cover this region.

My husband and I have bonded over our love of travel during our eight years together. Some of our travel highlights so far are…

  • Getting engaged in New York’s Central Park
  • Snorkelling with the kids at Low Isles on the Great Barrier Reef
  • Living in Papua New Guinea for two months
  • Wine tasting on Waiheke Island, NZ
  • Watching New Year’s Eve fireworks with the kids in the little town of Mount Beauty
  • Kayaking through Nitmiluk Gorge
  • Seeing the Aboriginal rock art at Injalak Hill
  • Meeting the monkeys in Ubud (Bali)
  • Camping with the kids at Litchfield National Park

Some of our more recent adventures…